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Read what users have to say about RotoLab:

"It's no exaggeration when I say that not one person has ever said anything negative to me about this product. Not one. Ever. All I ever hear are endless accolades."
Ron Shandler,

"I've been playing fantasy football for 15 years and until last year never used a drafting software package.  I was in seven leagues last year and I'm so glad I decided to start using DraftLab. Getting ready for my drafts was a breeze and I entered them more prepared than ever."
Whitney Walters, The Huddle
"It provides unparalleled 'control' of what is going on during the draft.  Hands down the best draft program there."  
Rick Wilton, Baseball Injury Report
"Look forward to another successful draft (I won both my leagues using this program) in 2004!"  
Ed Reaven,
"RotoLab is unbelievable.  I'm impressed beyond words."   
Ray Murphy, analyst
"Just a note to thank you for the great software! Greg Ambrosius and I teamed up and finished 2nd and 3rd in both LABR leagues last year representing the NFBC. We look forward to using the software again this year and finishing the job."
John Zaleski, Ultimate Fantasy Sports
"Once again, Draftlab worked like a charm!  I did a $5k/head and $1k/head auction at WCOFF and kept organized and on top of things throughout....For the first time, I sat next to a guy who uses Draftlab!! He has been doing auctions for years and says yours is the best."
"Well, it was far the best draft I've ever had.  Drafted a real solid team and was able to grab a nice profit and a balanced team."
"Thanks for all the help and the quick responses.  It appears I dominated our auction draft last night.  While everyone else was scrambling and crossing off names, I was relaxed and in control.  I will be a repeat customer!"
"By the way, I think you've got a great product.  3 guys in our league used your software last year.  The three of us finished 1, 2, and 4 out of 12 so you must be doing something right."  
"I have just purchased your program and after 3 years of playing at Fantasy Baseball, now I have a tool that really helps.  I just want to say Thank you - and tell you that you have a subscriber for life.  I have had it about a week and I have NEVER seen a more powerful tool and one which is more user friendly.  THANK YOU!"   
"I just purchased the 2005 version as a repeat buyer (1st, 3rd, and 4th last year, thanks in no small part to your tool!!)." 
"Did want to let you know what a good piece of software you guys had.  I am in a very competitive, experienced 12 team league.  I generally finish middle of the pack.  Last year was the first I used your software at the draft and I ended up winning.  Appreciate the hard work."   
"This is my second year using RotoLab.  What a tremendous program.  Our league champ in 2004 was using RotoLab for the second year.  I hope two is a charm!"
"The software worked like a CHARM at the draft, and everyone was envious!  Bet you'll get a bunch of orders from my league next year.  I've been in a league for 11 seasons, and this was the single best purchase I ever made."
"I didn't really like computers at the draft, until I used your product.  Now I wouldn't do one without it!"  
"You are to be congratulated for the work you've done.  Nobody else does it as well, and certainly nobody cares about the users like you do.  Your personal attention is unprecedented." 
"Had my draft in my 15 year old AL only keeper league on Saturday and the program worked seamlessly.  Cannot tell you how much easier it is to focus on strategy and leave the accounting to RotoLab.  You have a new client."  
"I want to thank you for making this a truly stress-free draft. I think this was the very first time in a LONG TIME (maybe even EVER) that I was able to relax, concentrate on strategy, and have a really solid sense of where I was, all throughout the draft (as opposed to feeling lost, then completely despondant, in rapid succession). I really enjoyed myself and I'm satisfied with the draft that I had."  
"RotoLab is unquestionably the best! I look at all the alternatives every MLB season, and for seven consecutive years it's RotoLab for me. There is no equal!"  
"Hands down this is the BEST draft software you can buy!  Don't waste your time looking any further.  Just go to the download page and buy it!"  
"Wanted to share with you that I just walked out of my draft using rotolab and it was not only my best draft in years but also the most relaxed. I had heard that bringing a computer to the draft would be too much work and detracting from the draft dynamics. I found it to be the opposite.  So, thanks for a great product."  
"Nice Tool.  I remain in first in two NL only leagues against some smart veterans.  Since the damage has been done, I have told everyone what I was using." 
Chris O.
"My partner and I had our draft yesterday and the program worked flawlessly.
Can honestly say it was the most enjoyable draft we have had yet. Things were so well organized we actually had a lot of time to look over strategy rather than just keeping track of nuts and bolts."  
"I just wanted to tell you, you make one fine product, its design is elegant and it does exactly what I needed it to do.  My personal congratulations on a job extremely well done." 
"Your program is absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to help me, it was very much appreciated."  
"Overall a terrific product and the timeliness of the support and response was outstanding."  
"Great job.  Best drafts I have ever had.  Stupid to tell so many in my own league about your product."  
"Just wanted to thank you again for designing an awesome product! Both drafts went very smooth!  I even received a few inquiries in my auction game from my competition, as to where I got your program!  
"I am almost guaranteed to be our leagues 1st back to back champ ever..  RotoLab help me tremendously on draft day.  Thanks and have a great last 4 weeks of the season."   
"Just got back from my draft.  I want to tell you how much I enjoyed using your software. It was terrific.  It was a great asset and provided a serious advantage.  It also allowed me to concentrate on available players and who I wanted. Again, thanks and I was very pleased with your product. Cannot wait until next year!"  
"18 years before RotoLab and BHQ - 0 titles.  2 years using RotoLab and BHQ - 2 titles.  Thank you!"   
"Awesome ... I won my 4x4 NL keeper league, and finished tied for 2nd in a 5x5 mixed. I'm a believer!"   
"You have a great product!  I am currently in 2nd place and it had a lot to do with the software!  Keep it up!"   
"I certainly consider RotoLab an INDISPENSABLE program for getting the most out of our draft!  I'll never use a printed player list again, except as a backup to RotoLab in case my computer crashes!  Put me down as a repeat customer for 2004!"  
"I used you software for the first time last year (2004) and won my 9 team league by 18 points!!  I had searched and tried several other programs over the past 10 years and did no better than 2 nd place one time.  While I always finished in the top 5, I could never get over the "hump".  The program made my live auction much easier to keep track of the activity and your many updates prior to the auction plus web site news kept me informed and enthused, I'll definitely be a repeat customer."   
"Your product was a lifesaver this year.  Each year it gets more and more difficult to keep up with the constant changes of MLB.  With the combination of BaseballHQ projections and your stellar product I hope to be in the money in each league I participate in.  Thanks for all of your help."  
"I have been meaning to write a personal note for awhile, to state how pleased I was with your software.  I did not have as much time as usual to prepare for my two drafts, yet RotoLab helped me tremendously in easing my efforts for draft day preparation as well as at the drafts (i.e., auctions) themselves.  I will be back next year.  Again, a wonderful product you have created.  Hope it stays in the marketplace for years to come."  
K. Braiser
"Last year I was in one league and finished 7th out 12.  This year after getting your software, I decided to join a second league for the fun of it. One league was 6 X 6 Roto league and the other a weekly head to head league. Result: Championships in both!  Don't tell anyone in my leagues about this secret weapon."  
"A nice product, have used a couple of others and feel yours is the best, the ability to import Shandler's stats is what sold me, the reconciliation of the imported players was very easy and quick."  
"I did not have a single problem with your program and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. Often times, I was able to view players at the click of a mouse and relax for a minute or two while other owners were flipping through pages and pages just trying to catch up. I will definitely be purchasing your program again next year. Thanks for making my auction go so smoothly."  
A. Sardella
"I had a great time using RotoLab on draft day.  Some of the other owners were trying to look over my shoulder to see the setup on my laptop.  They didn't stand a chance. Looking forward to 2004.  Thanks again."  
"I was extremely pleased with this program.  I have never been so at ease at a draft." 
"This is a really neat program!  I really just wanted to not have 50 sheets of paper scattered about on draft day.  All the functionality of this app is a bonus!"  
"Thanks for creating a great software package.  I'm already planning to use RotoLab next season."  
"Thanks for the fine product, good customer service and interest in making it even better."  
"Overall I was extremely satisfied with the product.  I will definitely use it again."   
"I had 3 drafts this past weekend and your software worked great!!!  It was such a stress free weekend, it was fun watching everyone else looking over their magazines, books, and papers."  


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