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Refund Policy

RotoLab offers a full refund if you have a problem that we cannot resolve.  But we must be made aware of the issue and given an opportunity to resolve it.  If after reviewing the problem and it is unresolved, we will be happy to refund your order.

Important:  Because our Draft programs are a seasonal products related to the 3 month time prepping period before the current sports season starts, we cannot offer refunds to users that purchase it, draft their team and then want to return it.  We also cannot refund an order because you are unhappy with your draft.  There are too many variables related to the success of a user's draft that are out of our control.  We also do not warranty or guarantee the accuracy of the player projections by our data providers (BaseballHQ, The Huddle and HoopsKlyce).  All three organizations are highly respected web sites in the Fantasy Sports Industry and in general, do a great job of player projections on the whole.  But they are only "projections", and the accuracy of projected stats cannot be guaranteed.

We are here to help and will make the effort to make you feel like your order is a valuable purchase.  But you must contact us in the event of a problem, otherwise we cannot be of assistance.  For any questions regarding this Refund Policy, please contact RotoLab.

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