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DraftLab Key Features

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Draft Screen

Rotolab - draft screen
  • Intuitive cheat sheet layout with visual player lists, tier grouping, and minimum starter draft line make draft decisions a snap.
  • Click on a player to show projections, historical stats, user notes, injury status, bye week, and schedule analysis.
  • To draft a player, simply click on the player and choose his team -- and let DraftLab handle the rest!  The league information, team rosters, draft pool lists, stat totals, standings, draft logs, cheat sheet and positional needs are all updated automatically.
  • Tier mode allows you to group players at similar value tiers for visually displaying remaining talent levels.
  • Rank mode allows you to manually tweak your player rankings using drag-and-drop.  Start with the expert projections and develop your own custom rankings!

Roster Management

  • Managing your league's roster is crucial in determining the strengths and weaknesses of each team when making keeper decisions and
    fielding trade offers.
  • The League Roster screen provides a multitude of features and tools such as drag-and-drop moves, keeper ratings, budget stats, highlighting eligible positions, point-and-click trade evaluator, and much more.
  • 8 color-coded roster status settings provide flexibility for all types of keeper leagues.
  • A point-and-click Trade Evaluator allow you to see at a glance what you will lose and gain in a trade.
RotoLab - roster management

Player Editor

RotoLab - player editor
  • Most owners use the imported projections as a starting point, but you can tweak the projections and to reflect your own player scouting.
  • The Editor makes editing projections an easy task, using features such as keyed auto-searches, stat filters, and a fully-stable grid sort. Fully-stable sorts retain the previous sort as the secondary sort criteria, so you can do sorts within sorts such as Rushing YDs grouped by each NFL team.
  • User Notes can be added as you come across important information or want to make notes for your draft strategy.
  • The stat graph makes it easy to spot trends in key indicators such as Yards per carry, receptions, passing yards, etc.

Player Projections

  • By partnering with The Huddle, your DraftLab license includes access to the most insightful player projections available.  Additionally, up-to-date ADP rankings are provided by MyFantasyLeague stat service
  • Downloading and importing the player projections is a simple process through the built-in Huddle import module.
  • Go strictly with the expert projections or edit any stats to your liking.
  • Players that have been edited are tagged for No Update on the next import to retain your edits.
  • Full access to The Huddle projections throughout the Exhibition season.
  • Player values are calculated individually by league parameters, based on the base projections.
RotoLab - player projections

League Setup

RotoLab - league setup
  • Numerous league settings are provided to handle most league configurations.
  • Scoring system, draft dispersal method,  numerous stat categories, valuation and budget settings for auction based leagues, NFL player pool and scoring weights are just some of the options that can edited by the user.
  • For auction leagues, valuation parameters can also be adjusted for users that like to tinker with the player valuation engine.
  • Auctions, snake and straight drafts are supported as well as dozens of stat categories to choose from.
  • Color settings, font choices, font size, grid row height, displayed columns can all be adjusted by the user to tailor the screen visuals to their own preferences and system configurations.

Player Lists

  • 8 user-definable player lists are provided for quick visual cues on the Draft screen.  Use the standard lists or create your own.
  • Unique font treatments allow you to see which of the 8 lists the player has been added to on the Draft screen Cheat Sheet.  This is a great feature for quickly spotting players that match certain criteria at different times of the draft.
  • For example, add players to the "Sleeper" list to target down the stretch or to the "Safe Pick" list to keep from making a mistake in the early part of the draft.  Or add players to the "Must Get" list that are crucial to your draft strategy.
  • Highlight any combination of the lists are different times of the draft.  For example, "Sleepers" and "Upside" are good lists to show down the stretch, while the "Must Get" and "Avoid" lists are particualrly useful in the early part of the draft.
RotoLab - player lists

For a list of all features, click here.

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