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RotoLab 2018 GP - Windows version

The General Platform (GP) versions of RotoLab are the Mac version and the new Windows version listed below. They are functionally identical. While the goal was to retain as much of the look and feel of the original classic Windows version as possible, there are some differences. In general, most of the functionality is retained while adding some new features and functions. The most important addition is the BABS module which is only available to current members. Members can obtain an unlock key on their site to show the BABS screen in the GP versions of RotoLab.  Other than that, RotoLab GP is very similar to the classic Windows version.

  • The RotoLab GP version is covered with your normal purchased license.
  • This is the first year of this version.  I would expect a few problems to popup here and there, but most of the code is well tested from the Mac side.
  • Install the Windows version from the Link below.
  • Send over the Program ID from HOME / PASSWORDS to .
  • The BABS module is for members of  You can go to their site and read about it.
  • Minimum Windows Requirements:  Windows 7 and above is supported.  RotoLab GP will not run on Windows XP.  Still researching Windows Vista to see if it is compatible.
RotoLab 2018 GP (General Platform) Windows Version
UPDATING TO A NEW PATCH VERSION:  When you see a new version posted, both the Mac and Windows GP versions can be updated by simply re-installing the program.  Your data is not affected, as it is stored under your user account.  All a reinstall does is replace the application bundle, not the player or league data.

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